Get involved!

by Lola Carlisle, Vice-President

I’m new to the Virginia-Highland Civic Association Board but not new to the concept of community service. I’ve volunteered on various committees in Virginia-Highland over the last 12 years. I have always had a great deal of respect for the Virginia-Highland Civic Association Board and committee members. And after co-authoring a book on the history of Virginia-Highland, I know that the type of volunteerism and service we find in this neighborhood has deep, deep roots! I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many individuals who created, saved and shaped this great community. We are lucky.

This year’s board has a lot of talent and we really need it to accomplish our goals. We’re working hard to expand the membership and capacities of the committees, increase effectiveness, spread the workload, and bring in diverse skill sets. Please reach out to us at to get involved. We are working to have more transparency and access to information – particularly financial and committee goals, which we will be updating regularly – and more opportunities for you to be heard. And please send us your thoughts on what you’d like to see here on the website.

I encourage you all to get involved. Make a call, send an email and find a place for yourself within the Civic Association. It doesn’t have to be huge – starting small actually works best. You’ll be inspired by most of the folks you’ll work with and you’ll learn new things – new tactics, new people, new vocabulary, new places — you get the idea. We look forward to hearing from you.