Grants and Community Gift Program

VHCA Grants

VHCA’s grant program supports not-for-profit organizations and public initiatives that benefit the Virginia-Highland community. Applications for 2019 are due by September 2, 2019. (extended)


In its’ annual budgeting process, VHCA establishes funding for the grant program. In addition, the Board may on occassion vote to provide a unique grant for a specific purpose.


The grant application is available online and should be submitted before the deadline.


VHCA grants are approved at the discretion of the board. All applications are reviewed by a committee that makes funding recommendations to the board for a vote at the annual general meeting in September. Each year the budget for grants will vary based on the board’s consideration of other VHCA commitments.

Selection Criteria:

Proposed grant benefits and accomplishments should be accessible and beneficial to a wide range of citizens without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, age, gender or sexual orientation.

While exceptions may occur – permanent or long-lasting installation of publicly visible art, for example – funding is not typically considered for projects on residential or individually owned sites.

Successful applicants should also meet all or some of the following criteria:

  • Promote Virginia-Highland or physically improve the public spaces of the neighborhood.
  • Support education, life-long learning, sustainability, healthy living, ecological health, art and aesthetics, historic preservation, environment, recreation, or safety in Virginia-Highland
  • Include and demonstrate other sources of support.

Accountability and Restrictions

Unless other arrangements are made, grant and community gift recipients in one year must report on the use of the funding by May 1st of the following year, and provide specific results and photos where applicable.

If you have any questions regarding the grant, please submit them to

VHCA Aaron Gross Award

Aaron Gross was actively involved in the VHCA for many years and was chair of Neighborhood Planning Unit F for four years. He ran Summerfest for many years and transformed it into the successful festival it was by 2003 when he passed away. He gave to the community and was a kind, caring person.

In memory: Aaron Gross
City honors Aaron Gross

The Aaron Gross Award was created in 2001 in honor of its namesake, a VHCA President and NPU Chair who gave many years of service to the community. The award  recognizes exceptional dedication and enduring excellence in the performance of duties to both the Virginia-Highland neighborhood and to the Virginia-Highland Civic Association. It is not given annually, but when the Board believes that the width and breadth of a citizen’s contributions merit special recognition. Previous years’ winners included:

  • Eleanor Barrineau
  • Pamela Papner
  • John Wolfinger
  • John Peak (for neighborhood commercial zoning)
  • Winnie Curry
  • Jean Jordan
  • Cynthia Gentry