Orme Park

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Orme Park Master Plan (2007)

Orme Park logoOrme Park is located a 6.6 acre park along Clear Creek on Brookridge Drive. In 2011 a $203,000 renovation was completed, funded by “Friends of Orme Park”, the Virginia-Highland Conservation League, the City of Atlanta, and a grant from Park Pride.

For background/details on this project, please refer to the article in the Spring 2011 Voice. Essentially, the construction that began in late February 2011 includes installation of a new entry plaza, stairway, and gently sloping sidewalks that provide wheelchair access and a safer landing area for entry into the park off Brookridge Drive. The playground just beyond the entry is being relocated to an adjacent shady area. That relocation will result in open lawn past the entry, thereby allowing access from the improved park entrance to the pedestrian bridge, without cutting through the playground. A beautiful granite seating wall has been built adjacent to the new playground location and extends to the location of nearby adult swings. A walkway connecting the two entrances on Brookridge Drive is being constructed where a dirt path previously existed. This project cost $203K, and funds for it came from “Friends of Orme Park” and Virginia-Highland Conservation League fundraising activities, the City of Atlanta, and a $50,000 Park Pride grant received in 2010. The project had originally been scaled back a bit to meet our budget, and through April, we were still raising funds for trees/landscaping.

Now, another $40,000 grant from Park Pride will enable completion of the entire “Phase I” plan in 2012! These additional funds will provide tree recompense, allow construction of the rain garden near the park entrance, a granite seat wall in front of the rain garden, additional plantings, and a new masonry sign for Orme Park! This is an amazing and appreciated contribution that will significantly improve our much beloved Orme Park for many years to come.

Ribbon Cutting Festivities took place June 11, 2011.