Planning & Variances

Virginia-Highland is a neighborhood of many unique older homes on tree-lined streets, and it’s likely that these were the very characteristics that helped you make the decision to live here. Because we love our neighborhood, many residents choose to improve or renovate their home rather than move away as their housing needs change.

The City of Atlanta has a set of zoning codes and ordinances which are designed to protect the quality of life and property values of its residential communities. Many planned VaHi home improvements may violate the letter of these laws, but not the spirit. For these situations, the City with the support of the VHCA has a Variance Process. The Variance Process enables a home owner to secure a building permit for renovations which keep within the spirit of the VaHi community, but may not otherwise technically conform to zoning standards.

For many neighbors, the Variance Process becomes their introduction to the Virginia-Highland Civic Association and the planning process.


    • A Master Plan for Virginia-Highland was drafted through a series of public meetings in 2013 and 2014. It was adopted by city council in 2014.
    • Commissioned by the Virginia-Highland Civic Association
    • Virginia-Highland Master Plan (155 MB)